Friday, April 29, 2011

A Day in the Belt

Compadres Park's greenbelt is FULL of young white-flowered sticker-weed.
Goats Love them. 
They go great with ragweed seedlings.

Gourds are beginning to renew too...

Angora, our cholla seedpod specialist, also enjoys datura seed pods (a new study). 
So far she has not consumed enough to cause any strange behavior...

This black wether wanted her seed pods. She ran off with the whole plant...
And then forgot about it when she found some purple verbena...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

White Dog Reunion

Yolo insisted on riding back home with Kino and I after Easter dinner... 
Bullwinkle was happy to see his mama dog.

He didn't play with her as much as I thought he would, was with Rocky more and the goats most.

They did race around a bit before settling down...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Visit From Idaho

photo by Dave Thorp

photo by Dave Thorp

photo by Dave Thorp

Nate and Natalie visited for a few days last week. They drove down here from Idaho.

Along with Gypsy...

Everyone seemed to have a good time on horseback with the goats.

The horses enjoyed all working together.

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Limestone Horse

Kino is studying the horse. He can ride, handle and carve beautifully...

And I am studying stone carving... it is a good match...

photo by Kino Kopelov

photo by Kino Kopelov

photo by Kino Kopelov

A Proud Limestone Horse

photo by Kino Kopelov

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Horse is a Horse of course

photos by Kino Kopelov

I spent a few hours one day on this horse...
My second go at stone carving...

Today I will get a few more hours under my belt..

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another New Camp

Another New Camp expedition! 
Bucky and Rocky took their jobs seriously, as I was short handed, keeping the herd together and on track.

The goats had to stop and get their fill of this white-flowered "sock sticker" weed. 

A favorite this time of year just as it is young and coming to bloom.

Back over the railroad tracks...

This is a not-so-good-as-I-hoped picture of an interesting growth of happy grass coming out of some open patches of ground. I believe these were areas occupied by gophers which were compressed by goats and horses last summer. Where now grass is able to grow in the soil where before there was too much tunnel.

I suddenly heard a rattle, almost like a rattlesnake. Thought for a moment I would get to see my first Eldorado rattler- but it turned out to be a very angry, and fairly large, bullsnake.

The goats rushed out of the way when they heard the snake. 
Rocky heard it too and was all over the place trying to find the source of the sound. 
When he got down wind of it and checked it out e was satisfied that it was nothing of much danger... 
I am sure he would have a different attitude were it a rattlesnake.

Pretty color though...

The goats were sure they were headed to the park for camp- 
Rocky checked out the area a head of the goats and having found no trace came out and sat on the hill in the path telling the goats there was no such deal here.

The goats didn't really believe their dog, they thought they might should check it out for themselves... But Buck took the hint and moved them on in the westerly direction again and we were back on the trail.

Again at the intersection of powerlines the goats slowed and idled, but we didn't take the left turn and on again we pressed west.

At Avenida Azul the goats were excited. This marked the end of known territory and free to cross the road the herd was trotting again, grabbing at all the fresh feed for a bit before settling back down to a happy goat walk.

Around a corner the goats' eyes lit up. 
Ragweed stood dried three feet tall... and lots of happy Saltbush... And Gourds!!

Oh the gourds!

And there we were... From the gourds the goats caught sight of Yucca pods on the hillside, and from the Yuccas they spotted their camp. They were home!

After getting the goats in dad and I went back for the truck with the littler kids and Walrus who was too pregnant to make the trek, and who had one of her twins in the truck waiting for the herd to arrive and the camp to be set up. Dad working alone had the pen and fence up just in time for the thirsty and tired herd to arrive. Right before the turnoff to the new camp I spotted another bullsnake on the road in my lane. I stopped and showed  him the way across the pavement. This one was smaller, sleeker and in a much more easy going mood. 

Bullwinkle spent the day with dad trucking. The walk was a bit long for brand new pups...

But he was happy to be reunited with his herd...

Banana seemed to really take to him. They were sitting together in the pen, nuzzling occasionally, Bullwinkle lipped her horns gently, I think Banana is my favorite yearling for sure.