Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Coyotes, the Sun and of course a Horse

Going backwards in time today. Time is flexible in this medium- so why not?
Seeing Kino off this morning at GoatCamp he spotted a coyote trotting up the hill stopping at the sight of our original Compadres camp. The coyote sniffed around a bit before adding his manure to the goat's. It sat there a few moments as we watched each other, us wondering where Zuli was.. Then there she was- like a flash after the silvery coyote. The coyote ducked and took off, crossed the street. Then came back and ran around a tree waiting for Zuli. Then off across the street. Then back again. Running circles around a confused Zuli. The coyote bowed, head down and butt upwards. Then off again. It went on like this for awhile, the coyote trying to get Zuli to play and Zuli trying to chase off the persistent Coy. Eventually Zuli gave up and came home. The coyote stood watching her.

Zuli sat with me for a bit while the coyote watched. 

Then he took off, swerving a little letting Zuli catch up as she charged out to chase him across the street.

The coyote stood on the road, Zuli turned and watched for me, what else could she do? 
This coyote was not behaving right. Who did it think it was? Half dog?

Not too long later a woman jogging her four dogs came down the road and the playful coyote was gone.
I had been hearing of the dogs which played games with the coyotes in the greenbelt. 
This time I witnessed it. 
Zuli didn't know what to make of it.

On another day, in another town (at the Farmers Market at the Railyard in Santa Fe), I watched the sun be succumbed by the smoke in a surreal sunset.

Another day at the Kopelov Cut Stone shop in Bernalillo I put the finishing touches on my horse. 
I really enjoyed carving this with Kino's help- my first stone art.

I love working beside Kino. 

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