Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Yard Goats: In Santa Fe!

On the way to work!
The goats drive into town to mow their first Santa Fe yard...

These goats know what to do!

They get right down to business...

The professional tree trimmer crew works above as everyone else works below.

They even came to appreciate Cheat Grass as they shortened the green around this bench...

Fencing was put up to protect house and rock work from goat washing..

These new girls from Lindrith are beginning to understand their new world.

Tree trimmers move on to Silver Lace, trimming along the fence line while the rest 
work on the weedy (MMmmmmm) lawn.

Toward the end of the day the herd makes some last passes through...

The benefit of yardwork by goat:
They are quiet. They are pleasant and do not harm the environment as they work. Indeed! They IMPROVE the tilth, the very essence of the soil, so that quality and quantity of vegetation is improved.
The Air, the Earth, the sights and sounds are pleasant with the goats hard at work in your yard.
Imagine more beauty like this Swallowtail Butterfly in your life- it is a reality when replacing chemical or internal combustion style maintenance with the pure and simple GoatHerd.

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