Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Illinois Bundleflower

Illinois Bundleflower was a new plant to the goats. They learned it and several other plants in the first few days here in this field beside the river in the North Valley. They now appear quite happy to munch the leaves and branches and especially the seed.

So it would seem that the goats do rather enjoy Bundleflower. They eat the majority of the seeds in the late morning and afternoon after a belly full of other foods (here: cottonwood leaves, russian olive, elm, sunflower, mallows, ragweed, cocklebur, some grasses, among other)..

Then the licorice and Bundleflower are consumed. First the leaves and then the seed. Over time (probably in short time) we will see the effect of goats in this overgrown agricultural field and bring the land back into productivity.

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