Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fisher and Badger

We have two little boys left in our Working Aussie-cross litter, born on April 19, 2013. Badger and Fisher are great boys that will bring much love, smiles and help to their person. 

Fisher is a red tri with a full natural tail. He is laid back and very calm for an aussie. Fisher will be a great companion and has the genetics and temperament to herd chickens, goats or cattle.. or could be a wonderful family dog to an active family. Fisher loves water! He loves to get his feet wet especially en route to some adventure with his person...

Badger is a very aussie type pup with short strong body, natural short bob tail, and need to please. This black tri is very much like his father who is a serious and dedicated stock dog. Badger would do best as a working dog, but could possibly do well at agility or as constant companion truck dog. He needs to live an active lifestyle. Badger will make a fantastic hand. 

Our puppies are raised with love in our living room under foot and are well socialized by us, our visitors and 4 year old niece. Many of our pups have gone to work as companion to active children. All pups are exposed to horses, chickens, turkeys and peacocks and goats, other aussies, and maremma LGDs. 
They are crate trained and all but house-trained.

Mother, Guppy, is 3/4 Australian Shepeherd. Her mother is our AKC, ASCA registered Aussie, SunRay's High Desert Lazuli. Zuli is granddaughter to Supreme National Champion Twin Oaks Kit Carson...
Guppy's father was our neighbor's sheep dog who was half Rotweiler and 1/4 Border Collie and 1/4 German Shepherd. Guppy is a strong worker with upright posture and a clean, long stride. She is strong on bunching, driving, and breaking up buck fights. She is a sweet, but assertive worker.

Guppy and her mama, Zuli in rear

Bucky and daughter, Shadoe..

The pups father is Hart II's SunStarBuck. Bucky is ASCA registered and is an old type cowdog... Bucky is very biddable, strong, and has a heart of gold. Buck is very intelligent and will work all day every day.

We use our dogs to work our large herd of goats on range as well as on site in yards, neighborhoods and farmland where the goats eat weeds, and improve tilth around New Mexico. 

I kept Shadoe, the black tri in the background here, from the last litter.... 
At less than a year she is still green, but she is showing a great deal of talent...

Shadoe has really loved helping to raise this litter of her brothers and sisters...

We try hard to match our dogs with their prospective owners. 
We take great care to socialize and stress test the pups to prepare them for their lives ahead, and in so doing we get to know each pup's personality, traits, strengths and weaknesses. 
We have done very well so far in our match making and all of our puppies are reported back to be just what their new person was looking for and hoping for them to be.

Our interest in breeding and raising these aussies and aussie cross pups is to bring into the world dogs that are ready to go to work for their master, whatever that job description may be... 
We breed for a well formed, well tempered well equipped dog that is adaptable, agile and hardy.

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  1. Due to a divorce the third Aussie pictured above, Merle, the red merle is also available. Merle is a very outgoing and sweet pup that will make a great dog for an active family or a stockdog... he loves herding chickens and has very nice form...