Monday, April 28, 2014

EarthDay in Santa Fe 2014: Pony Up!

Earth Day in Santa Fe was a big hit with the little ones!
Doonie and Pecos had a great time with all the little kids and were honored to carry them around all day. These two mares are so conscious of the young ones, and are as careful as they are around puppies and newborn goats (VERY!).

We hadn't anticipated the many pony rides that we would be providing, but the overwhelming desire the youngsters had to take their first steps in the saddle was more than enough for us and our ponies to make those rides happen...

Many bigger kids got to ride for the first time too... and a couple girls with a bit more experience took the mares out around the circle on their own a few times too! 
All in a day's work for these Horned Locust Goat Ponies!

Two and three-year-olds waited for up to 20 minutes for their turn around on a pony... these older girls waited a couple hours... all report the wait was well worth it...

Back on the the riverside the day came to a beautiful close with a most fantastic sunset rainbow! 


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