Sunday, October 11, 2015

Goating Around the Neighborhood

Papa dog Hart II's SunStar Bucky

Zuli's mutt Guppy... Nearing whelp time..

After a busy season of weed reduction, and land regenerating around New Mexico, the herd is on a short break... spending more time ranging on the local lands again, accompanied by LGD and herd dogs, horse and rider...

The dogs keep the herd together and safe from coyotes or stray dogs... They  take up different stations according to experience, need and individual inclination. When threats are not immediate and the herd is settled, eating, the dogs watch, listen and scent from hillsides, often together.

Herding dogs keep track of the goats and make sure everyone stays together.  Badger here has inherited his dad's intense working mind and also his tendency to take and hold the herd in good feeding areas...

October weather is great this year, perfect for goating around...

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