Monday, July 11, 2011

Little Maremma Dogs Have Big Fun

This morning dawned partly cloudy with awesome bright lightning and some sprinkles. 
Not near what the ground needs- but it is a start and it sure smells good.

The double rainbow was a nice touch.

The Maremma pups love cool mornings like this. 
Add just a little moisture and they have a great romp.

They feel rich to have their goatherd home for awhile- and with some good exercise their spirits are high.

Suddenly a a couple pups caught a scent in the air...

They resumed play, but a moment later Curly let out a warning bark calling the others to attention.

But this too was brief, and the pups were back to play.

Their puppy-goat came by to see what the dogs were up to and browsed around the edges as they played.

Swirly came out of the pen to investigate also...

And off to join the fun!

Curly was mostly aloof from the games-watching and listening...
She checked out the horses which were waiting patiently for their morning meal.

With Swirly joining in the fun started all over again.

Then Rocky came out of the goat pen and greeted his boys.

They played briefly...

And then led them off on a tour of the valley to smell the smells and mark the bushes...

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