Thursday, August 18, 2011

Zuli Mutt-Pups for Sale

My herding dog, Zuli, had 9 pups under a full moon in June. They are now 5 weeks old and nearing time to go to their homes. Several have been spoken for, but there are still some very nice pups for sale.

The father is half Rottweiler, and half Bordercollie/German Shepherd.
 Zuli is a full bred Australian Shepherd

These little guys are very smart and enthusiastic people lovers. 
They have already begun learning about cats.

They will make great guard dogs as they come rushing out barking and growling when you arrive, but then turn into happy greeting machines when they recognize people. 
They are not shy or mean, just full of love. And tail wags. 
They really just want to hang out with people all day. 
One male especially (in above picture getting his nose pawed in the background) enjoys a good lap nap and an investigatory adventure with two or four legged companions.
There are four with natural bob tails, the rest having full wag tails.

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