Tuesday, August 7, 2012

In Today's Yard: Moya Loop, Eldorado

(Please note this yard was actually consumed on Friday August 3, 2012)

Today the Goats Ate:

Cheat grass
Ragweed (last year's dry and green in flower ahchew!)
Yellow Asters
Blue Gramma
Globe Mallow
Rabbit Brush
Four O'clock
Yucca (pods, nibbled banana leaves)
Sagewort (took most of the day to develop this food variety in their mixture, they went to it after a            rumination break

Not Eating in this yard:

Snake weed (in flower)
Purple aster ( in flower, few plants)
Sagewort (developed a taste for it by the end of the yard, trimmed about 1/3-1/2 of the bushes)
Prickly pear

~This yard was in Eldorado on Moya Loop. All vegetation eaten or not eaten is based on in season qualities of vegetative growth, flower, seed set, weakness of individual plant, temperature and time of day. The predominant feed available to the goat now and in the immediate past also plays a role in what other plants are stacked inn the rumen and how. After a cud-chewing session goats receive feedback from their gut as to what should be avoided and what should be devoured.

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