Thursday, August 16, 2012


Rain! We got some!!
The Upper Jujubes were completely drenched!

The Far Jujubes were too!

Dog had a blast running through the water...

Dad works the water flow at the Bridge Jujubes...

The entrance to the Bridge Jujubes as the flood eases up...

Walking down the road from the Bridge to the Far Jujubes.. new silt covers everything..

about 3 inches deep

The road is awash... 
and a waterfall!

Good thing the weeds were hacked out!

A foot of water still flows through the Far Jujubes..

The desert is thirsty and eagerly soaks up the sweet rain water.. 
I measured a little more than an inch of collected rainwater in the wheelbarrow out back of the horse pens. 
We have not had such a downpour since 2005!!

Playing in the rain August 2012!

And the toads will sing all night long...!

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