Sunday, November 18, 2012

Use Your Words

My parents taught me growing up never to suffer fools- those fools anyway that push and walk all over you. Take no flak and soon none will be given to you...

As our role in the new paradigm unfolds and clarity is needed for peoples of different experiences to come to conclusion upon the same page I hear, from my parents:

"Use your words".

Which is just what I've spent this past week in Albuquerque at the 11th annual Quivira Coalition Conference working on... Gathering words together to illustrate the methods and methodology we use and the reasoning that diverse cultures of herbivores (and carnivores) and plants are interdependent.

To heal, to manage and to improve the soil you need animals. Our goats (and horses and dogs) have been studying this Natural RangeManship alongside us for over 10 years now under a variety of climates and conditions as well as circumstances...

They are a Vegetation Management Machine! A powerful tool honed to fill the role of roaming herbivore across scapes of land from the remote to urban; improving soil fertility, plant diversity and reinvigorating farmland, rangeland and your backyard.

So I will use my words as well and as often as possible, because it would seem that our work is absolutely integral to the health and longevity of humanity.

Balance is key. Always remember that plants and animals evolved together.
It is that simple.

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