Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Over-Thinking Brunch

I spread a flake out for the horses to munch in the yard this morning, then went to let them out one by one.. I started on the far end with Dun. Everyone had seen me carry the flake and spread it in three spots. Dun went to the gate right off and hesitated only momentarily, considering the hay truck that I had parked nearby an hour or do previous... I encouraged her with presence and a cluck, and up she trotted to the first bunch.

Then I let Chopo out who veered a little more for the hay truck at the last moment, but again my arms raised and present encouraged him to keep movin in the direction of the spread hay. When i let Dozer out he first went yo the next door pen, no food in that bucket, so he tried Dun's pen. None there either... He went past Dun's pen and back again, standings with rented eyes looking toward the hay truck... The eyes glinted and before he make up his mind I went over to direct him. He trotted over to his own pen and looked at me from within. I took his jaw and led him to rhe gate. He so gently was with me. Pecos Needed no such encouragement.

Funny how Dozer misses things. He knew I had brought food out- but why was it in no feeders?

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