Thursday, December 13, 2012

Guppy and Bucky puppies are READY!!!

Please contact us to be placed on our list for our future litter in spring/summer 2013 with Bucky and Zuli.)

Guppy and Bucky's pups are eight weeks old now. 
They are ready to start their new jobs as stockdogs or companions.

These are THE MOST intelligent, kind and bold little pups! Raised in the Living Room they are well socialized to people and other dogs. They have grown up with their mother, father, grandmother and many step-aunt and uncle Maremmas. They have grown up this way with a strong, stable pack influence and much handling from people making them very adaptable and secure.

They are crate-trained and pretty much house-trained. 

Panda LOVES his grandma, Zuli. And Zuli loves her little grandpups too!
Panda will be going to live west of Albuquerque as the first dog to a ten year old boy for Christmas. 
He will make a great sidekick and will serve his family well!

A few pups taking their first ride around the farm...

There are eight total in the litter, several colors.. all beautiful.

They have grown up underfoot and are used to horses. 
Happy, on the right, likes to lead Dozer the Jicarilla Mustang by his reins.  

Guppy brings her pups to the goat pen to meet the caprines for the first time. 
During the last few weeks she has taken them on walks every day through the orchards around back to the goat and horse pens...

Many different experiences have been had by these pups. They have grown up around the yard and have studied chickens, turkeys...

and Peafowl! Our Peacock has been sure to instill respect for birds in the little ones, and yet they are undaunted in their study of all living creatures.

These pups were born in a den out front of the house. 
We had a job with the goats in Lamy that day and just before we left Guppy disappeared. 
We we came home that night and with Bucky's nose (Zuli refused to even go outside with me too search..!) found the hole she had prepared.

The den was three feet deep then curved to a nest area where eight little pups sat nestled.

A day or two later we gathered from the den and brought them into the living room to a X-Large crate under the kitchen table. Proud Guppy has done well with her little pups. 

All the pups are happy, healthy and brimming with personality. 

These New Mexico Shepherds (3/4 Australian Shepherd) are ready to brighten some homes during the holidays and lovingly brighten some lives for many years to come!

Poley stands guard at the alfalfa trailer...

These are some extra special puppies. 

They are well rounded individuals that have had a relationship with people every day since birth. They  look to humans for cues. The puppies have had Monday Play Days with a three year old every week (save one) since birth. Tiny and Poley are especially fond of her. 
They are just the right age to bond with their new family.

These photos were taken last week:

Poley is one of three naturally bob tailed pups in the litter. 
She is an attentive little sweetheart that really wants to please. This dog will want to have a person of her own that she can work with/for. She would make a great homestead dog or close companion. 
She is especially fond of three year old Sonia and sits politely in hopes of pets... 

Tiny is also quite fond of Sonia. Sonia has palled around a lot with this bold little one! This pup would be great in a home with children. She is also one of the stronger stock-curious pups. She doesn't take no for an answer, but she does listen to her people. Tiny has a great big heart! 

Panda is another bold individual. He is easy going and very secure. 
He loves to play with balls, and is diplomatic about his toys. 
He has a nice easy way of moving and will have black freckles all over his face! 

Blue Cheese is a unique individual. She is all love and gentle kindness. She has interest in stock, but more than anything wants to check out what you're doing. She is very smart and joyful. She likes to jump and hop with her feet together and twirl around... Quite a little dog. 

Petunia is probably the most critter crazy. She often breaks off from the others to stare at the birds walking around the back yard. She is a mirror image of her father and takes after his classic Aussie reserved attitude. She is attentive and the most comfortable with horses...

Happy could be the name of any of these guys, but this one is exceptionally Happy! 
He is always joyful and loves to greet people. He gives lots of puppy kisses and just loves to be loved and also to give love. He is self assured. The photo here does not do justice to his striking facial stripes. 
He looks like a little Tiger! 

Roley is a very sensitive guy. He is very secure, but he will do best with a person as devoted to him as he will be to his person. He has a pleasing way he looks you in the eye and loves to please. He is one of the better house trained pups, he will come and ask to be let out. A natural Bob tail.

Red Clover takes after her grandmother, Zuli... She loves to love and loves a good belly rub. 
She enjoys studying animals and would make a good stockdog. She is a little sensitive, also like her grandmother. She likes to be with people, but as much as she is crazy about people she may not have quite the same need to be always connected to her person. 
Red Clover is the third pup born naturally bobbed.

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