Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Amanita Art for Market

SunStar Herbs has been a member of the Santa Fe Farmers Market since 1996.
We sell a variety of herbs and herbal tinctures every week of the summer and through the winter.

This corn was grown on our Organic farm, Smoke Signals popcorn and Red parch corn (YUM!)

I paint these wild Buffalo (also known as Coyote) gourds with acrylic paint and string them as ornaments. 

I also design these "Bag O' Nip" Cat Toys stuffed full of Organic Catnip.

We keep a diverse fowl flock from which we get our eggs. 
Their feathers provide me with another craft. 

These larger ones are good for moving around smoke while smudging (another product line which we sell at the Farmers Market). 

Smaller feather bundles can be stuck into a hat brim, as decoration on a self, or an ornament on a tree. 
Cats love them as a toy on a stick.

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