Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dogs, Goats, and Horses

These pups appear hard at work don't they? 
They are sacked out yet alert-the best aspect of these dogs...
They have the ability to relax, and also to step into action when needed.

Doonie leads the herd to a graze spot. 
The goats thought they were done with the yard early on. 
It was a grassy yard with fewer weeds, but they ended up staying a few hours longer than we thought they would want to and I think ended up with a pretty tidy yard.

Neighbors got the dogs working. 
Once they realized the people were no threat, only admirers, they quieted and went back to their shade.

Chopo came along to work on the grass. This was his first day out on the trail again since he got cut in the barbed wire down by the train tracks a few weeks ago. All his joyful running on the way to work got him a bit sore after his time off, but he enjoyed himself and is looking much better. 

Chopo being a shark. 
He is feeling better. And with a little exercise he bites softer.

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