Sunday, May 22, 2011

Maremmas on the Job

Bullwinkle's sister watches the herd munching weeds in a yard on Friday, her first day on the job.

She settled into her role with the peaceful model of Bullwinkle who is a very serious dog.
(he is the white patch under the tree behind his sister...)

The puppies doing road work yesterday. Buck is getting better at keeping goats from crossing the line...
Bullwinkle and his sister also kept guard along the street, though they did no herding along the road. When a goat crossed under Bull's watch he simply followed it to the other side and kept a closer eye on it. Sister mostly followed along watching everything. She met some kids who were out biking, got some pets and returned to the herd. Bull kept a watchful eye on them too, meanwhile Rocky investigated Dante, a young poodle which is an old friend. 
I was amazed at the amount of green down here by the windmill off of Casa del Oro. 
The goats had a great time filling up along the bike paths and along the road.

The goats eventually drifted east, back toward home and once the crew hit the trail they all marched home happy and content.
We cruised home as one big parade with Buck in the lead, and Dunny following. 
The white dogs led the goat mob behind Dunny.

Along the way a raven sat watching from his perch. 
He is often sitting on this dead pinon tree, quiet and unafraid as the goats stream past. 
He only took flight because I paused beside him, but he was still in no big hurry.

Pups run ahead with Buck. Three different tails bobbed along behind.

Zorro here reaches out for some dry aster blooms as he trucks home...

Rocky's pack

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