Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day Ride: part 1

Doonie and Dozer trailered out to SunStar via the Santa Fe Farmers Market. They, along with Guppy and Zuli, made an appearance at the market bringing smiles to some Market Goers faces. 
Zuli rode Doonie a bit and they got a bunch of their pictures taken. 
These and more will be posted in following blogs when I get my camera battery charged.

We all had a great time swapping horses out on the walk today. 
Even Regal came along though we had to be sure to keep him on track when the goats turned back south at the farthest reach of their walk. 
Regal is the grand daddy of Rocky and at 11 years is all but completely blind. 
He has recently given up joining the goat walks as he got lost on a hill a few weeks ago and couldn't figure out how to get home. 
Dad and Regal's seeing eye dog (Yolo) rescued him and he has stayed homebound since. 
But with so much activity today he made the journey. 
It was also Guppy's first goatwalk. She had fun too.

photo by Dave Thorp

Love this shot of my mom that my dad took. 
She and Chopo look so good together and its more than the color coordination.

Chaundra had a good time on Doonie...

And likewise HorseFace had a great time with her!




More to come when technology cooperates! 

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