Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day Ride: part 2

These are more photos from my dad's camera...
mine is still with dead batteries and I can't seem to find the charger. Oh well, more for another day.

Doonie had a blast with Chaundra!

At the end of the day Alphabet takes a rest on a bale of grass/alfalfa.

While Dozer is led into the horse pen for water (Chopo's pen, not where Doonie and Dozer stayed)...

Out of nowhere Chopo attacked! Dozer takes it very mildly and is little fazed. 
Chopo then turns and comes kicking at Dozer as Kino closes the gate. 
Dozer neither engages Chopo nor tramples Kino. 
The next day Chopo was very sharky- but each threat just seemed to validate Dozer as part of the herd. 
He didn't fight for his mare as Chopo considers her his, and Dozer was in Chopo's territory. 
Dozer seems to be fairly diplomatic...

Guppy rests on a flake of horse feed- Doonie thinks it's a great idea.

A little more work for Dozer and then to the pen. 

Christmas Day Fun!

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