Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Day Ride: part 3

Batteries charged!
And so here are a few more photos from Christmas.

The holiday weekend began on Christmas Eve as Kino and I hauled the horses out to SunStar via the Santa Fe Farmers Market where we have a booth. The Market is open every weekend this year. 
We took the horses out for a short ride to expand their experiences. 
Dozer was a little unsure of the new City and the curious people. 
Kino kept him calm and Doonie's carefree attitude told him there was nothing really to be concerned about.

Doonie always enjoys a new adventure. 
She seemed to like the Railyard and all the horse-friendly people

The next day everyone gets ready to take the goats out.
Mom and Dad wait on Chopo and Pecos while Dozer gets dressed.

Once out in the plains north of SunStar Dozer relaxes more as the goats settle into peaceful browsing.

Dad reassures Dozer.

I really like this picture.
(of course I always like photos of my little big silly filly running about)

Dozer plays the part of Trail Horse.

photo by Kino Kopelov

Regal joined the walk on this day- too much excitement not to take part.
He enjoyed the sun, the snow, and the goats.

photo by Kino Kopelov

Zuli also enjoyed the sun, the snow and the goats!

photo by Kino Kopelov

I also like this picture. 
Dozer and Chaundra did great together too! 
She is a natural with horses- so secure and sure which Dozer enjoyed as well. 
This wild mustang is becoming a regular horse.

Curly the yellow dog walks by in front of us. 
How many pups is she carrying? We will know in another couple weeks!

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