Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Day Ride: part 3

Batteries charged!
And so here are a few more photos from Christmas.

The holiday weekend began on Christmas Eve as Kino and I hauled the horses out to SunStar via the Santa Fe Farmers Market where we have a booth. The Market is open every weekend this year. 
We took the horses out for a short ride to expand their experiences. 
Dozer was a little unsure of the new City and the curious people. 
Kino kept him calm and Doonie's carefree attitude told him there was nothing really to be concerned about.

Doonie always enjoys a new adventure. 
She seemed to like the Railyard and all the horse-friendly people

The next day everyone gets ready to take the goats out.
Mom and Dad wait on Chopo and Pecos while Dozer gets dressed.

Once out in the plains north of SunStar Dozer relaxes more as the goats settle into peaceful browsing.

Dad reassures Dozer.

I really like this picture.
(of course I always like photos of my little big silly filly running about)

Dozer plays the part of Trail Horse.

photo by Kino Kopelov

Regal joined the walk on this day- too much excitement not to take part.
He enjoyed the sun, the snow, and the goats.

photo by Kino Kopelov

Zuli also enjoyed the sun, the snow and the goats!

photo by Kino Kopelov

I also like this picture. 
Dozer and Chaundra did great together too! 
She is a natural with horses- so secure and sure which Dozer enjoyed as well. 
This wild mustang is becoming a regular horse.

Curly the yellow dog walks by in front of us. 
How many pups is she carrying? We will know in another couple weeks!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day Ride: part 2

These are more photos from my dad's camera...
mine is still with dead batteries and I can't seem to find the charger. Oh well, more for another day.

Doonie had a blast with Chaundra!

At the end of the day Alphabet takes a rest on a bale of grass/alfalfa.

While Dozer is led into the horse pen for water (Chopo's pen, not where Doonie and Dozer stayed)...

Out of nowhere Chopo attacked! Dozer takes it very mildly and is little fazed. 
Chopo then turns and comes kicking at Dozer as Kino closes the gate. 
Dozer neither engages Chopo nor tramples Kino. 
The next day Chopo was very sharky- but each threat just seemed to validate Dozer as part of the herd. 
He didn't fight for his mare as Chopo considers her his, and Dozer was in Chopo's territory. 
Dozer seems to be fairly diplomatic...

Guppy rests on a flake of horse feed- Doonie thinks it's a great idea.

A little more work for Dozer and then to the pen. 

Christmas Day Fun!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day Ride: part 1

Doonie and Dozer trailered out to SunStar via the Santa Fe Farmers Market. They, along with Guppy and Zuli, made an appearance at the market bringing smiles to some Market Goers faces. 
Zuli rode Doonie a bit and they got a bunch of their pictures taken. 
These and more will be posted in following blogs when I get my camera battery charged.

We all had a great time swapping horses out on the walk today. 
Even Regal came along though we had to be sure to keep him on track when the goats turned back south at the farthest reach of their walk. 
Regal is the grand daddy of Rocky and at 11 years is all but completely blind. 
He has recently given up joining the goat walks as he got lost on a hill a few weeks ago and couldn't figure out how to get home. 
Dad and Regal's seeing eye dog (Yolo) rescued him and he has stayed homebound since. 
But with so much activity today he made the journey. 
It was also Guppy's first goatwalk. She had fun too.

photo by Dave Thorp

Love this shot of my mom that my dad took. 
She and Chopo look so good together and its more than the color coordination.

Chaundra had a good time on Doonie...

And likewise HorseFace had a great time with her!




More to come when technology cooperates! 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Snow. Owls. Goats. Dogs. Horses. Dad. Hills. Snow

Happy Holidays!
Merry Christmas!

It has been awhile since I have added anything to the story of the weed eating goat. 
I left the managing and herding of the Horned Locusts to my dad in July and have moved to Bernalillo with Kino where I have been dealing with some health issues and gotten some rest.
 I am beginning to feel more together finally after six months off and have ridden with dad and the crew a few times back on the land around SunStar. The photos here are from Tuesday, this being Friday. 

We were treated to a lovely sight- a great big Great Horned Owl.
Unfortunately I only got his wing. Here he is waving at the camera.

Dad took the opportunity to take the goats south into the rough canons and steep hills. 

There they ate some Winterfat, Sage, Grasses, Ephedra, anything that stuck above the snow.

Chopo and I sit above a deep arroyo overlooking one of the biggest Ephedra plants I know of out here.

The goats can climb hills oh so much better and faster than the horses with monkeys on their backs. But we took our time and worked our way up to the mesa top, secure in the knowledge that the herd had it's company of five Maremmas and one old Pyrenese/Akita/German Shepherd.

The little dogs travel with the herders and are a quick nose to regain a herd. 
Though today tracking the hundred or so goats is no issue in the snow.

On top of the mesa the goats circle around traveling slowly south moving from one Mistletoe tree to another and from Cholla to Cholla with dad keeping the course atop the mesa and south.

I think this is Swirly, my mom's dog, who is proving himself to be a devoted goat dog.

Alphabet and Bullwinkle check out Zuli as she makes snow dog angels.

And Swirly must go off to investigate...

Swirly has been working on making friends with Chopo.

I love how these dogs move with paws bent. So much in their element here in the cold and snow.

Without Maremmas this is a very difficult world. 
With livestock one must have safety measures- either a good tall fence. Or some good tall dogs.
Out on the range there is no replacing these big white protectors.
This is a safe herd-and the coyotes know it!


Pecos and her Buddy!

Happy dogs! 
Gentle Giants!
But not someone to cross!

Cholla buds!!

Returning home first east...

Then north down Camino Cerro Chato.

This is a boy in love with his goats. 

Down the big hill above SunStar.

This road looked fine when we went down with the goats, but within an hour had started icing over some vehicle tracks which had been made after the goats passed through. 
I couldn't get past a steeper part (making ice under my tires as I went) and slid back a few times. 
The third time I tried I ended up about here, where there is no bank to keep one on the road... 
I called my dad and handed the reins to him. 
He tried- experienced what I was up to- (over my head) and then backed the truck down. 
Not enough weight in the back of the truck, highway tires.
The next morning with chains on got out no problem.

Good visit, glad to see the dogs, goats and horses looking well, and happy.
No kids yet- but soon... 
Glad I didn't fall off the hill. I'd hate to be the first one to do it...