Monday, January 23, 2012

Mother and Daughter GoatWalk

Mom and I took the goats out together one day last week. 
Dad got the afternoon off and mom and I had a great time out on the land with the critters.

Bucky and his Maremma entourage guided the crew out... 

Rocky sits calmly within the herd watching for coyotes, dogs or anything else.

Mom and Chopo are getting along pretty well these days it would seem. 

Rocky came by to say hi to Chopo,

And also greeted Pecos. He likes to be friends with everyone.

Swirly then came to say hi to mom. He is a sweetie and loves his bosses!

Curly also greeted mom. Curly is a happy mama dog these days.

Curly made a joyful dash when the herd turned back towards home at the farthest point north of the day. 

Rocky and Swirly pass by mom and Chopo on their way back to the herd.... 

While Kaya leads the last goat over the hill to the herd.

Mom and Chopo run down the hill...

And Pecos and I walk along after the goats.

The boys check on a neighbor's barking dog and evaluate the danger- there is none.

Curly decides it is time to go back to her pups. She takes a last look at the herd before trotting back southward and home. This is her second day out since whelping 4 days earlier. 
She is a little torn between staying with the goats and going home, but mama-hood calls.

Her brothers crest the hill with goats and see her white shape running home along the ridge in the distance. At first they are unsure what it is it seems, but they bark a bit, she turns back and they see that it is their sister.

Bullwinkle and Swirly watch her as she disappears out of sight while Alphabet watches the goats.

Guppy has been following Pecos and I the whole walk, watching the goats all the while.

Toward the end of the walk she began to try out some herding of her own. 
Unsure at first she became increasingly confident watching Zuli and backing up Buck.

She waited until Buck moved a goat or group with obvious intent so she knew who to move where and would come behind him and follow the goats into the herd- stopping when they were in the group where they should be. She was impressive with her strength, softness and feeling of when to turn off.

She enjoyed having effect on the goats.

Here Buck is bunching the goats- stopping them from continuing north in preparation for turning them back south. Guppy helps going around the outside in a circling motion just like her mama Zuli tends to do.

She races a little around them while they watch her- surprised at the new blue dog's moves.

Buck slowly finishes the job, working calmly.

Guppy tries out some more herding.

All together now.

Zuli and Guppy oriented the goats headed home. They circled the herd in opposite directions. I wondered if mutt-Guppy would have much instict/drive, looks like she does, but is just more reserved in the way she acts, preferring to have a plan before acting. She watches and studies. Is very gentle but has presence enough to get the job done pretty easily.

It was a very enjoyable day. I like the ease with which my mom tackles the terrain these days. 
I Love to see her on horseback herding the goaties and hanging with the Maremmas. 

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