Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Day Ride Part One: Goat Morning and Night Loading


These guys do well for us. We have not had the birds long (four or so years), but have produced and thrived. They are lovely birds to have around and lovely to listen to as well.

Our original young pair have produced one male and four females.

Doonie and Dozer prepare for another group holiday ride with the goats on New Year's Day.

Chaundra walked for awhile before doubling up on Pecos.

How do you do this?

Long stirrups for dad's long legs and a long legged horse...

But Pecos is patient...

Kino and Dozer work together.
They have done real well together. 
Dozer enjoys Kino's demeanor and they also share a bit of a dare devil side.

The goats take the parade through Kino's family's land.

Regal joined us on another walk.

Pecos and Chopo are close...

So are Doonie and Dozer.

Curly is still out with the goats every day, rarely taking off early.
Her pups are due January 10.
One more week to go!

Maremma guard watches over the herd.
Regal walks with the goats below.

Dozer works on riding.

Chaundra rides double with mom on Chopo.

Chopo takes good care of his riders in the mud.

Kino and Dozer working on standing on a small hill. Dozer learns to put his feet where his rider asks.

Tracks in the mud.
Mom and Chopo were herding goats across the road and are now watching them as they stream by.

Pretty Maremma light.


Back home after the walk mom keeps Chopo from biting Doonie and Dozer. 
He complains with head high, but submits and behaves himself ultimately.

She settles him before dismounting.

Tired white dogs rest a bit in the sun.


Dad takes Doonie out for a spin later in the day before dinner.

photo by Dave Thorp

Dad and I ride the horses up the hill while Kino drives the rig up after the party is over.
 We load the horses into the trailer at the top of the hill to haul back to Bernalillo.

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