Sunday, February 5, 2012

GoatWalks in February

Curly and a pup smile for the camera...

Curly is as good a mama as she is a goat dog. 
She has really taken to motherhood.

Goats and their dogs get ready to go out.

Desert shadows...

The goats are searching out the high country these days. 
They are going for the steep sides of hills and canons seldom visited. 

Happy Dog Pile.

Chopo, my trusty mountain horse of the day.

Herd dogs...

Buck keeps an eye on the goats above us on the rocky cliffs as they slowly switch back and forth.

Bucky is a very good dog. 
He is becoming a fine herder and helps to catch baby kids with more finesse than ever.

He is now teaching young Guppy how to work.

As is Zuli.

The goats stay up high going around the hills...

Back down in the lowlands the herd crosses the arroyo with a few Maremmas in the lead.

The next day I went out with my mom, giving my dad a day off again. 

It turned into a lovely day as the storm passed.

We took an easy route and stayed down in the valleys and low hills. 
The goats enjoyed eating saltbush in a deep and wide arroyo way to the north of SunStar.
It was a very nice couple of rides. I had a good time with my folks and also with Chopo and Pecos.

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