Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May Days

There have been more coyote noises lately. 
Yesterday something distracted the dogs in the opposite direction while this chunky canid poked around the trees to watch the camp. It disappeared when the dogs returned, though they did not see it (Casper the friendly goat did). It sat invisible behind the screen of trees along the fence line watching longer while Casper watched back.

Doonie likes this pen full of happy tall Rice Grass.

Found an old bird's nest in a short Elm tree...

A few minutes later a mouse ran by and scurried up the tree until it found hooves and a surprised looking goat staring at him. 
He ran down this branch then hopped off and dove into some Tumbleweeds.

Guppy is well on her way to professional goat herding...

She is also making good friends with Dog,

And together they are working the goats...

Dog is getting some good moves down

What a team!

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