Thursday, May 3, 2012

Take us to the River!

The goats have been working in Medanales, NM the last week and have another few days to go.
They have been clearing out farmland that has been left fallow for 6-10 years. 
Trees and other weeds have sprung up where a new orchard will go.

We have some good dogs helping to herd and guard from all the great creatures that roam along the Chama River. Here are Curly and her pup (my new dog-in-training) Dog.

After just a few days the goats got the routine down again moving from pen to field and back.
Bucky and Guppy help maintain order.

It turns out the nest in the front yard here is occupied by a Great Horned Owl.
She is a beauty, quietly watching our dog and pony show below. 

We use electric netting to enclose the goats in areas where concentration is needed. 
We can also herd them around to other areas on horseback which don't need as much pressure.

The goats have been quite pleased with the number of lush elms on their menu. 
They will eat elm any day of the year with gusto!
The tallest reach up high into the tree and bring down the tops, 

But it is the stripping of the bark that does the damage to the elms. 
With the outer bark removed the energy transfer system is broken and the tree will send all the juice up to the top and will not get any solar energy back down to the roots. Cutting the tree now would save it and it would come back from the base. But leave it stand as is for a few months and it is toast. 
You are then closer to reclaiming your space from the opportunistic invaders.

Goats are safe to use. Do not fear an out of control fire with goats. 
And breathe easily without smoke in the air. 
Nor is there a danger to water or any of the many small creatures (and the great) as with chemicals.

Goats are part of a holistic approach to landcare, and are a whole lot more enjoyable to watch!

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