Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rio Chama: Abiquiu

The goats have hit Abiquiu! 
And they love the Bosque!!

We are camping next to a beautiful pond which beavers have also found to be a sweet spot.
The goats have enjoyed rubbing on the beaver marks... 
But have not met any yet. It amazes me the ingenuity and hard work of the beaver.

The goats enjoy browsing along the pond's edge.

Dog enjoys dozing under the trees.

And Doonie enjoys thinking about grass on the other side...

On this job we have Yolo with us showing Dog the way of the Maremma on site.

The goats have been hired here to work on a section of the bosque which has not had herbivores in it for a long time and has grown up some Russian Olive trees.
So the goats have thinning, and tilthing and weeding to do here- and they are digging it!

Dog stays close to her goats while they are off the clock. 

The Rio Chama is a lovely river. 
Pleasant working conditions!

Makes Happy Kids!!

On the left is land worked by the goats intensively, 
on the right the land has had the herd pass through a few times.

We have seen a few wild creatures here.
This pair of Geese just hatched their gozlings and have been touring the pond the last few days.

And this is (I think) my first vole.

Guppy is curious about the new element on the water, but she is a good stock dog and knows her place.

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  1. Hi Amanita! Leslie and I just camped out on the Chama last week! We were the only ones in the last campground before the monastery - it was beautiful! Hi to the family!