Monday, April 11, 2011

Another Sunday Drive

The Horned Locusts and Co. cruised up the greenbelt to their new camp yesterday.

They stopped on occasion to munch some green weeds.

We ate our way to camp while the folks tore down the old and set up the new ahead of us.

Across the tracks...

Yolo came to move the goats too. The Maremmas had a good time together.

We visited some friends from the neighborhood, Chopo made himself at home. 
Buck got some cookies and Chopo got some apples.

And wondered where to find some more...

Rocky is working on friendships. 
A naturally reserved breed, we are expanding his abilities and building on memories.

The goats arrive at their new campsite west of the soccer field near the Community Center. 

Horse ing around...

The afternoon walk involved some tasty wild gourds, too brittle for my painted ornaments, the goats sure enjoy them!

Goats LOVE Russian Olive berries!

A happy kid from down the street came by in the cold afternoon to visit with the goats. 
It is always a great site to see kids running through the herd. 

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