Friday, April 1, 2011

Greenbelt Goats

Sunrise in El Dorado at the Compadres Park, as seen from my trailer...

All the goats have arrived as well as the horses.

And Rocky.

The kids are still a bit clueless. This group stayed behind. When I got the herd to turn back around and go by them Rocky saw them and went off to investigate. As we were drifting by he continued on and did a sweep of the area, making sure it was uninhabited by coyotes.

Buck meanwhile went out to herd the youngsters back to the group.

The goats have been working around the playground lifting up juniper trees (especially the pollen-full male trees..) making shady spots to play under, and trimming some of the weeds in the area.

Buck brings in the last kids, overseen by Rocky.

I have seen a pair of Red Tail hawks and a pair of Kestrels hunting around here... must be looking for these little rodents.... Dunny (and the goats) have been finding lots of their holes..

The first day here the Ravens were very curious. The big guy on the power lines here sat for a long while talking in a strange voice as a few others in the distance on other tall structures sat quiet. 
After awhile he spoke in a voice I am more familiar with then flew away. 
A short time later there were six Ravens playing off to the west... 
These six (two of them quite seriously) have been courting in the air for the last few days.

The mistletoe here seems to have gotten very cold, much more crisped parasite in the trees here than at home. I have seen very little healthy green. Glad we were not here during that very cold snap!

Glad to be back though, people here are so happy to see the goats again! 

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