Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rocky's Bullwinkle

I went home to SunStar yesterday to pick out my pup...
Yolo greeted along with six of her pups. One stayed behind, more wary..watching.
After breakfast I dropped a little food coloring on the pups to easily tell them apart. My pup was shy, danced away a bit before letting me close. Shortly later my red spotted pup was separate again from the pup pack hanging with the goats, laying in their alfalfa. I came over to him and he showed he recognized me this time by turning gently upside down so I could rub his belly. This is my pup alright. Same one I had been watching all along (they each have distinctive bellies the dark and pink spots mixing).

He rode in the truck as if it was second nature, he took his seat in the middle.

And after arriving at camp embarked on his first goatwalk.

He followed goats, Rocky, or the horses.

Mostly the goats were his companions. 
As he traveled he greeted the goats he knew from the stay home pen at home where he was raised.

Rocky is very happy to have his son in the herd. 
He gave Pecos a few big kisses and even tried a bear hug.

Bullwinkle seemed to have a great time in the herd.

And soon became quite at home out on the range.

After the walk, back at camp, Bullwinkle had a lot to ponder while he sacked out.

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