Friday, April 8, 2011

Goat Days in El Dorado

Great article on Daven in the edible Santa Fe this month... Only there have been hundreds of goats working for El Dorado around the community (not dozens) and for months, though altogether only less than a year now. We began last July and have recieved lots of support and appreciation. 
We also appreciate this community much for the real support they have given this goatherd in the burgeoning green industry of natural land care. 
Las Cruces has also supported goats in their own community, but regardless of the printed word, Santa Fe itself has declined to join the Green Goat movement in their own community and parks. We assume they will come to understand the value of GoatScaping in time, as those communities around them have, but as yet they have not included it in any of their sustainable planning.

Yesterday was a lovely moist spring day. It rained and hailed a little while we worked a yard in the morning. In the afternoon the goats enjoyed tumbleweeds which are full of heat-producing oils,

And Junipers!

Chapo had a good time too.

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  1. My daughter has a 4-H Boer Goat (born December 2010). He will not be used for her projects this year. I would like to sell him for $50 obo. If interested, please email me at