Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Horned Locust Remediation utilizes the Maremma Sheepdog to protect goats on the range and on the job. 

 Maremmas are a very old breed from Italy- 2000 years older than the Great Pyrenees. They are thick coated but are better insulated than many thick coated breeds tolerating heat and cold very well. 

Regal in the lead...

Regal is Rocky's grandfather.

Maremmas are bred to guard stock from large predators while in remote places with or without people. 

They bond closely to their herd. Maremmas stay closer to their stock than the Pyrenees which tend to circle a distance from the herd.


They are considered "semi-domestic" and are wolflike in manner- 

but quite gentle and good with people-though they are wary of strangers. 

Yolo as a young pup...

They are very smart and social- very kind and serious about protection- 
but only use as much pressure on a threat as necessary to drive them away.

They are still fairly rare in the states but are becoming more common. 

 They are a dual purpose dog as they do some herding at times to keep the animals together especially when there is a threat. 

In Eldorado we met a Maremma/Golden Retriever crossed dog. 
Very polite...

These are our dogs at work:
Yolo socializes with Eldorado residents...

Yolo and Buck smile for the camera.

Yolo and Rocky escort T.V. Reporter from KOAT-7 

Rocky on the job...

In the crowd.

Rocky leads the herd.

Yolo and Rocky overlook the herd.

Yolo watches the herd in Villanueva.

A 2011 pup

Dogs and Goats are raised together.

Yolo's litter 2011

This puppy enjoyed sitting with the chickens.

One of the 2011 boys...

Large Guardian Dogs and Herding Dogs can work together happily.

Happy pups.

With admiration for Zuli.

The dogs have a romp while out with the goats on a windy day.

Yolo waits for the cue to go...

Bullwinkle hanging with kids at 3 months...

Bullwinkle learning the ropes in Eldorado...

Rocky mentors his pup...

Rocky is an agile dog...

Rocky meets a female Great Pyrenees in the Greenbelt.

Rocky leads the pack...

The boys relax in the shade while the goats munch a yard.

Yolo walks in the Eldorado Parade.
Maremmas can be leash trained with a little work.

Young boys playing, catch a scent in the air.

These dogs are good with adults and children.

Alphabet and Bullwinkle are good buddies.

Alphabet, Bullwinkle and Swirly.

Curly enjoys a little preening from Ozzie the gander.

Curly's pups will be ready on March 10, 2012
Yolo's will be ready March 19, 2012

The pups will be bonded to goats.

Rocky in Eldorado

Bullwinkle on the range

Working a yard...

Yolo onsite in Villanueva

Rocky watches his herd while at work in an Eldorado yard.

Our Maremmas are well socialized and love to please their people. 

Curly at 4 months on the job.

We have 2 litters from Yolo and Curly ready to go to new homes in mid-March.
Alphabet and Bullwinkle are also for sale. They are one-year-old brothers.

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