Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Quarab named Doonie

This is Doonie.

She will be 9 this year. Her mother was a golden palomino Quarterhorse and her father a dappled grey Egyptian Arabian. He used to ride in the Santa Fe parades and was always a much admired horse. Originally named Dunny, Doonie was a line back dun when I got her one week before her first birthday. I have re-spelled her name in a Scottish version as Dunny is an Irish faerie that can morph into a horse and likes to play tricks on people, dropping them into mudpuddles and so forth. She is certainly not that kind of faerie-horse, and I am not Irish, but do have Scotch blood. 
The Scottish faerie, Doonie, also morphs into a horse, but rather than playing tricks she saves people, rescuing from danger and is generally a beneficent being.

She is a loving and lovable horse.

She loves to work together and while jumping is not her strong suit she has learned from our Jicarilla mustang, Dozer, to do it happily.

She is a proud worker and feels most important when carrying kids, both goat and human. 
But especially children. 

She grew up an only horse in a herd of goats. 
She is capricious and zealous and loves her goats.
She will climb cliffs, and mountains with them and can find and take me to them on the range faster than Zuli, who is a proven expert tracker.

Through rain, wind and heat and snow she is always light as a feather, courageous and enthusiastic...

Doonie as a three-year-old. 
It is always amazing to remember how dark she got in the first few years after I got her. Her breeder thought she would turn liver chestnut as the dark in her legs had begun to spread upwards and her body darken. But these days she is quite light.
She is a horse of a different color every time she sheds.

My buddy from day one!

A patient mare.

A dun gone grey with a heart of gold.

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  1. beatiful mare... cant wait to see beshai and doonie's baby!