Friday, February 24, 2012

Bring in the Goats!

Some Excellent Reasons 
Why NOW is a Great Time to Hire a GoatHerd
To Balance Land both Large and Small

Goats are used effectively to reduce fire-fuel from alongside roads and at your home. 
Hire goats to reduce fire-fuel wherever the threat exists.

 Goats Love Russian Thistle in the winter! 
This invasive weed is very hot-burning in a fire and likewise keeps a goat warm from the inside in the cold seasons.

 We are into Juniper season! 
Winter's interest in the female trees is transitioning to the male trees as the Juniper pollen becomes ready. Trim your trees from the bottom up with goats! 
They are excellent pruners. 

 Bring in the clean-up crew this late winter/spring and prepare for the coming growing season! Goats are big fans of old dry Buffalo Gourds and other previous seasons' growth.

The result of a leech field post goat-munch. 
The material not consumed and composted by the goat is broken up and pressed into the ground by the browsing ruminants which sets in motion the cycle of decomposition in the dirt which will create the tilth (and mycorrhizal vibrancy) that other plants like grass require. 
Leech fields and other disturbed soil often grow abundant kochia which is a severe allergen loved by goats, but not loved by many people. 
This method promotes transition from kochia to grasses and other forbes.
Stop the Kochia Cycle! Bring in the goats!

 Mow your yard with goats and build tilth simultaneously! 
Improve the Landscape!

 There are choices in life. 
Hiring the Horned Locusts is just one choice. This option allows for a more natural transition to a balanced environment. The neighbor in this photo chose to push a mower for a day. He was still at it when we left, spending more time on less area. The noise, the use of fossil fuels and the heat/exertion are contrasted with the noise, entertainment and smell of the goats. Not to mention the long term investment in your health, your neighbor's health and the health of your land.

 The portable solar electric fencing is used to keep goats within particular areas and out of other areas. This targeted approach allows landscaping and other plantings to be trimmed a little, a lot or not at all.

Not least, goats big and small are a joy to be around for people big and small!


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