Friday, March 23, 2012

March Dogs. March Horses. March Goats.

Zuli and Buck are back together on the job. 
Zuli is happy to be herding goats again.

Buck has learned a lot in her absence.

And I think Zuli has a more serious attitude.

Doonie too is glad to be herding goats and enjoys her days off grazing with Pecos or Chopo as well.
Though she did have a fine attitude living in Bernalillo where we worked together as a team on being a team. She developed an even sweeter demeanor and was generally a happy horse. 
I think Dozer even taught her to be kinder and gentler to the other horses too. 
She is less physical while acting as dominant mare. 

Swirly, Rocky and Curly sit together watching in different directions as the herd moves along nearby.
Meanwhile Alphabet walks along amongst the goats.

Changing range... 
These goats and half the herd crossed the dam and headed south up the valley...

While these goats went down into the arroyo.

Neither herd saw the other... but these guys knew they were split up, as did their dogs.

Curly was with the herd heading south here, Rocky and Swirly were with the herd in the arroyo. Alphabet was in between and his influence brought the herds back together.

Alphabet looks for the other herd...

And seeing where they went he heads back around the dam...

leading his goats to the other side of the arroyo...

Where they too could see their missing companions.

When they were rejoined Alphabet happily cantors into the middle of the herd.

The goats browse some more in the arroyo while the dogs watch...
(from left: Alphabet, Rocky, Curly, Swirly, Zuli)

Back home the pups come to see their goats and older pack mates. 

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