Monday, March 26, 2012

Taking Care in Algodones

Kino and I have moved to Algodones where we are Care-taking a house for a friend that has relocated to California and who is looking to sell his place here in New Mexico. 

There is a no-animals-in-the-house rule, so Guppy was very happy to see her cats arrive the second day!

Even Dutter is warming up to Guppy now. 
They are not as close as Fuzzer and Guppy, but working on it!

One of the birdie houses...

Dozer is a calm wild horse! 
On his first day in the new corral he was happy, but this was about the most exuberance he showed.

We have been raking and cleaning up the limbs and such and Dozer has helped a little with the weeds (and grass)...

Mustang (yard) makeover...

The cats like the trees!

On Saturday I came home from the Farmers Market in Santa Fe to find Kino and Dozer repainting the "for sale" sign. Dozer makes a great ladder.

When they were done I worked a little with Dozer.

His turn-at-speed is a little stiff, but he's getting there...

He is a sweet boy...

And his backing is coming along well.

Dozer (and Guppy) and I had a good time...

But he really loves his Kino!

The weather is warming up now, Guppy took a break in the shade while the boys tooled around.

Kino hauled over Dozer's trough that morning. This wild horse loves his feeder! 

Future site of Dairy Goats...

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