Monday, March 26, 2012

Got Milk Goats!

Guppy has a herd to work.

The two older girls are big size 5-year-old Alpines, and the third is a good size 2-year-old who will be kidding for the first time most likely later this week. She is due March 30.

The Chamoisee (light brown) is Xolia, the Sandgau (black with light points) is Xtravagant (Ravi), and the cute young Cou Blanc (black and white) is Anastasia (Sia Sia).

Dozer likes his new herd mates!

These girls came from a dairy in Estancia called "SunSong".
Tami has many lovely Alpine, La Mancha and Saanan goats there.

Kino rigged up this little house from a variety of materials to haul the goats home in the back of the truck. 

They also have the horse trailer to get into.

Ravi is a fancy ADGA registered doe. She seems to know it too.
The other two have the potential of also being papered.

But it is the fresh milk and cheese (and buttermilk and yogurt, and kefir and...) that I look forward to enjoying! 

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