Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Marches In

Rosy Posy! 
She is easily becoming a best friend to everyone.

Thanks to Sonia's affections.

She has a sweet personality, and will be a devoted house dog.

Curl'ys other pups are all sweeties, but none so bonded to people as Rosy Posy. 
They will make great homestead dogs guarding the grounds and everyone on it.

Sonia's Bamba is a little jealous, but what can she say in the land of the big white dog?

Yolo's are also good natured pups, but will be bonded more strongly to goats/stock. 
They will love their herd like their own pack mates

And they're off! 
Pecos flies down the valley on her day off...

After a quick snack Chopo joins in and they disappear down the valley.


And spring greens! The range is changing over!

Rocky (left) and Bullwinkle (right), patrol ahead of the herd.

Chamisa is a tasty treat this time of year...

Zuli watches over the goats as they change valleys.

Doonie and Zuli keep watch as the herd browses across the valley...

Across the arroyo...

They stop briefly in the Tamarisk happily munching the tasty red branches. 

Porky decided she was going to kid on this walk, so I called dad and had her picked up and taken home to birth in safety.

As soon as Porky disappears my phone's battery quits. And Afghan starts crying with labor pains. 
Zuli and I keep the herd circling while Afghan does her thing. 
The Maremmas take turns sitting with her. Here Rocky is attending. 

The next morning Doonie and Pecos have the day to themselves. 
They are much calmer leaving the pen than Chopo and Pecos were the previous day!

Dad and Chopo bunch the goats in preparation with Zuli.

And they're off!

The kids stay at home happily munching on some hay.

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