Saturday, February 26, 2011


I found a nice little ammonite on this walk, both sides were near to each other sliding slowly down the hillside, sitting slightly under vaguely moist soil.

This is the best little bowl out here for clams, ammonites, and all sorts of interesting fossils. It had been a while since I'd come through this way, usually going right up and over rather than around, so I led Dunny up and down the arroyos and around the hillsides and found a few nice ammonites and lots of coral.

 This chunk is just a piece of a really old ammonite, much worn by desert and time.


This "wild parsley" is a tasty addition to soups and stews, eggs and meat dishes, used much like Italian parsley. 

Chimija is easily overlooked, especially in the first weeks of emergence. By the time the seeds are blowing away in the wind both the goats and the horses will be munching along with me.

Dunny waits patiently and keeps an eye on the goats while I photograph plants and rocks. 

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