Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rocky and the Goats

The goats are much harder to move without their big white protector. If Rocky is not there to say it is ok, then they won't budge. Rocky missed the opening of the gate but came running when his grandpa, Regal, barked the departure alarm. Regal is a rare Maremma which voices his opinion a lot. He is very vocal and can bunch the herd when he wants to then trots off with them following his lead. Sometimes he decides it is time to go home and gathers the crew. Rocky does the same thing essentially, but without a word. Yesterday the herd broke up in the hills with three different opinions of direction. Buck turned one group back inward, I turned another and then watched as Rocky went from herd to herd and after joining with them turned the goats back toward each other. We met finally about a half mile from there; all herds combining at the far plot before streaming home. 

After Rocky arrived the goats burst forth. Here Rocky has greeted Regal and is looking around before taking the lead with the goats. 

Until Rocky arrived Zuli had been going back and forth shaping the herd to head east rather than north where the feed is pretty played out. As soon as the momentum hit the little Aussies took the lead keeping the head goats from running full steam so we leave as a single mob. 

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