Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day: part 1

A snow storm is blowing through and may leave considerable white stuff in its wake. So far the fluff is blown around ending up in drifts and it is cold. The question is: do the goats browse the day in the organic gardens here at SunStar or do we brave the range and save the easy pickings for tomorrow? The sun may come out tomorrow afternoon, but it will be very cold. Not like sunny California last week. What wonderful warm weather we were enjoying on our road trip. Lucky ducks we are. Rocky on the other hand loves the cold air and white lands. Buck and Rocky had a great time blasting around through the snow this morning. They have become buddies lately, finally teaming up to protect the herd. They both have great interest in protecting Yolo's pups. No strange dogs on the premises. The pups themselves spent the night cozied up with some goats. Zyclone slept right up against the pile.

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