Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day: part 3

Actually, here at SunStar we have had little snow through this state of emergency. Just lots of wind and sub zero record temperatures. People all over the state are grappling with lack of heat from natural gas. Lucky the gas didn't turn off a day earlier... The goats here have spent the last three days in the gardens fenced around the house. nice thing we pre-trained them over at Kino's yard a few days before. Buck has kept the groups together and watches over kids, keeping the little ones together too. They behaved well, working a yard like they do best.
Today Dunny and I will likely take them over to the outlying gardens. Nice to have the tumbleweed, saltbush, and ragweed as well as artemisias and other herbs in the gardens, even some green things down under the old growth. Just have to keep watch over the trees- especially siberian pea tree. Yesterday we started around -19 today we are above the zero mark with 3 degrees.
Keep warm New Mexico.

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