Thursday, February 10, 2011

Buck Works

Buck is very attentive of his kids. He is always watching to make sure that they do not fall or stay behind. In this picture he is encouraging the kid to come into the garden where the herd is. The kid had stayed behind with some other kids which Buck put through the fence a section down. This big doe wouldn't jump through, so Buck went over to a bigger opening and stood waiting there until the kid came over. He moved out of the way ever so little to let the pressure off and she went through running back to the herd.

Though sometimes I don't get that he is actually working well, his posture here shows that he is working calmly and with purpose. One might say he is in the wrong position, but the kid knows and trusts the dog and was able to follow directions. Buck is learning to communicate with each goat as an individual speaking a language which the goat can understand. Zuli also herds by leadership example. Lately Buck has been very involved with the newborn kids, introducing himself early and teaching basic pressure and release to the babies. Whatever works is what I say. 

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