Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Apparently Rocky had never been on the bridge before. He was half way across when he must have looked down and freaked. You could hear the scrambling as he crawled across the bridge to the other side. Zuli met him and took him back across as if it was no problem... Rocky then spent the next 10 minutes going back and forth familiarizing himself with the strange contraption before continuing on with the mob. Rocky is a super dog. He is alert to coyotes, fierce in protection. Fearless. Yet a total puppy dog with people. He herds little groups back into the herd, Leads groups back together on the range... What an asset. I am really looking forward to watching his puppies grow up. They are venturing out of their goat house these days. Yesterday one was out while I fed the kids and played with the little goats, tackling them and chewing on their tails like the pups do with each other. The kids were entirely oblivious. Kids and pups sleep together on cold nights. At one month old these fuzzy little white dogs are well on their way to goat devotion.  

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