Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chopo and Chauny

Friends (Jean, Anusha, Chauny and Krishan) from Eldorado came out to SunStar today to see the kids and visit all the other goats. They went out on the range with the crew too. Chauny rode with me on Chopo while the rest of the gang drove with my folks to overlook from the mesas above.  

Football was very happy to see Chauny again, she still comes when called though the little red goat could not find her friend in the saddle.

Chauny got to ride up down and across some pretty good hills. 

Chuany thanked Chapo for the ride at the end of the day and Chapo, while feeling 
loved and appreciated, watches the goats stream by which are his life. 
His ears ever on his rider he is a happy horse at the end of a work day.  

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