Monday, February 14, 2011

Maremman Puppies!

These pups are thrilled with the newborns. They love the older kids that have been hanging around, but these infants are their size and equally as bonded to the puppies. What a nice warm spot for little kids.  

These Maremma pups are 5 weeks old now and looking for new homes with stock for when they are a little older. They are bonding with their goats and should be pretty caprine-cultured. They need to be in the pen with their stock for the first 6 months or the bonding will not work. After that they are bonded for life and will serve their stock as best as they can figure. Being highly intelligent dogs they will do all in their capacity if not more for their herd whenever the need arises.

The  dark headed on wants to nurse on the pup. 

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