Friday, March 4, 2011

The Dun Horse

Dunny came to SunStar seven years ago as a yearling. She was my first horse- after learning on a few donkeys as a youngster. At the time she was a line-backed dun, turning a liver chestnut color. Then she started lightening up when she shed every year. Every season a new color, she is trending toward the grey dapple of her arabian father but retains the palomino tint of her quarterhorse mother.

Dunny joins with me and walks along beside me. She is my buddy, though the goat herd is hers as well and if we get too far behind she decides it is time to catch up (with the lead goat of course). This helps me when I have misplaced the herd (gone to deal with a kid or laggard), Zuli can lead me to them- but Dunny is much faster (Chopo taught me to run, Pecos taught me to ride, but Dunny taught me to FLY). This horse does all I ask, and even a few things I don't. She knows the range so well- I forget paths in places we go only once a year- but she has it all mapped out, and knows well the point of our treks-GOATS. She is as attached to them almost as to her own herd of horses. 

With her speed and agility and eager attitude I have no problem maneuvering around and behind the goats in all the goatly corners of this world. The only limiting factor is a fence, but she also knows where there are gaps from years of others' ranging cows and horses out on this rangeland.

I noticed the other day that Dunny has two swirls in the hair on her top lip, the other horses have just one, Chopo's being smack dab in the center.  Some say the swirls have some meaning about personality- this horse is certainly one with a rich personality.

Dunny waits for me to open the texas gate, on the way home after a good day out with the goats.

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