Friday, March 11, 2011

Little Goats

I took too many kids on the walk yesterday. Two were too young to really go anyway- a week or more old... But they were overlooked in the great kid roundup so... I kept an eye on them, but then noticed one was suddenly absent. Looking back I found Buck and Rocky waiting under a tree with the kid. Buck was intent on the baby, Rocky was more concerned about watching the herd. 

When I dismounted the kid took off, but Buck was ready and kept it near. I asked him to "hold it" and he did immediately change his approach to keeping it close to me. The second "hold" actually got a gentle mouth on the neck, effectively holding it still for me to catch it. Dunny and I took the little one back home. 

This red boy had never gone on a walk before. He always turns back and cries wah wah wah all the way home... He did pretty well on the walk though was always at the end crying, but not dragging too often. Buck has been working with this guy especially lately, he is sweet and calm, and so hard to herd for these reasons. Buck kept him in the herd. Here they are just behind the last goat..

Suddenly Buck heard a kid cry. Off to the rescue!!

The red boy ambled off toward the herd as Rocky sat and watched, following up a little later.

Later I found another goat in a yard- but it was not mine...

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