Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Springtime in New Mexico

Spring is in the air. Just add water. 
Bernalillo is a bit warmer than SunStar...

Not too far along into the day's browse-walk I watched a honey bee buzz by. 
Then a big fly. 
Then this little guy plops down in front of me on the saddle. 
Good thing I have no fear of wasp. I have not been traumitized by any in my life, though I have been stung once when one flew up my shirt sleeve and got trapped. 

Which is why I invited this one to sit on the reins rather than the saddle where he kept aimimg for the horse-back-access between the saddle horn and I. 
Guess he was attracted to the horse sweat.. it is dry out.

Something very fungal about these clouds....

Frosty enjoys some very red Juniper pollen. After the last few days of pollination the trees seemed to take the day (mostly) off from turning the air to an itchy-faced haze. 

The dogs are frisky after a day of working goats. 
So glad to see these two boys playing without tension. 
The pack is mellowing with age, time, 

and puppies...

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