Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday Drive

Dave took Dunny for a spin on the way to saddling... First time fast bareback on the horse with wings.

The little dogs hold the herd until we are ready.

Pecos came along with Kino and I...She had a great time eating and traveling with the goats and horses. 

We stopped by at Kino's property where he was born and spent his first nine or so years to check out the truck tracks someone left a few days ago... While Kino looked around Chapo parked himself by this mixer. He feels secure at a hitching post, or its equivalent, and he loves machinery....

Goats are like lemmings, but more agile...

Kino rides double...

It is nearly time to pick Chimija! Kino takes a sample from one of the better fields.

The Chimija is mostly dry and little as we have had too little moisture this winter/spring. But a little rain/snow a week ago boosted the vegetation in sheltered spots, lush growth appears in pockets here and there.

We had a fun time out with the goats. Lovely day, warm and only breezy... One of our last goatwalks of the spring before our return to El Dorado Tuesday/Wednesday. The goats will arrive on Wednesday and begin their work mitigating fire and reducing allergenic and pervasive weeds around the community (ragweed! a goat favorite!).

On top of the world...

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